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Oli's Winning Formula: The Pathway to Prosperity in Property Investment

Welcome to Oli, your friendly guide to smart property investments! Here's why we believe in certain principles when it comes to property investment:

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Capital Cities vs. Regional Areas

Over the long haul, Australian capital cities have shown stronger performance compared to regional areas.


Why? Well, it's all about access to essential services like jobs, education, and healthcare, which tend to be more abundant in cities.


With ongoing migration to these urban centers, the demand for housing continues to grow.


Our research suggests that Melbourne holds significant growth potential over the next decade. Want to know more? Check out our report below!

Landed Properties vs. Apartments

At Oli, we focus on houses and townhouses for investment.


Why? Let us introduce you to the HUG - the House-Unit Gap. It measures the price difference between houses and units in a suburb.


Currently, this gap is at a historic high and is expected to widen further.


Why? Two main reasons: First, land is limited, but the sky's the limit for apartments.


Second, modern apartments offer higher density, meaning less land per unit, which doesn't match the growth seen in older apartment buildings.


The Early Adopter Advantage

Sometimes, being ahead of the curve pays off.


Our data suggests that early investors in developing areas often see the highest capital growth.


While it might feel uncertain to invest in an area before it fully develops, history shows that those who take the leap early reap the rewards.

New Properties Over Old

When it comes to property, new isn't just shiny; it's smart.


New properties come with fewer immediate maintenance issues, thanks to warranties, and offer attractive government incentives like stamp duty savings and depreciation benefits.


Plus, in a market facing a housing supply crisis, adding new housing is a win-win for investors and communities alike.


Regions with Restricted Land Supply

Ever wonder why certain suburbs command sky-high prices? Limited land supply is often the culprit. Just look at Western Sydney with its hefty median house price.


Oli's data identifies regions with restricted land supply across major cities, hinting at future growth potential.


While we can't reveal all our secrets publicly, you can schedule a Discovery Call to learn more about how Oli's data can supercharge your wealth-building journey.


Hey there! In our discovery call, we'll have a good chat about your goals and challenges, and we're keen to understand what a comfortable retirement means to you. After that, we'll work our magic and come up with a top-notch property strategy to help you achieve your dreams! So let's get talking and make those retirement plans a reality! 🏠😃

During our discovery call, we'll dive deep into your goals and what a comfy retirement looks like for you. Then, we'll create a personalized property strategy with four fantastic strategies to explore:

  1. Tricks to shorten the mortgage payoff time on your home

  2. Smart ways to cut down on taxes you pay through your working life by investing in property

  3. How to start an Investment Property Management Account today to kick off your property journey

  4. Discover how you can use capital growth to snap up more investment properties. Get ready for a property adventure that suits you like a glove!

The discovery call is a breeze and will only take 30 mins of your time. And hey, if you've got any burning questions about property investing, we'd be absolutely stoked to answer them at the end of our chat. So let's get together and make the most of those 30 mins! 😊🕐

The discovery call can be done right from the coziness of your home through a video call, or if you prefer, you can meet up in person with one of our friendly mentors. Whichever way suits you best, we're ready to have a great chat and help you out! 😊🏡

We encourage having both decision-makers present during the process. It's the best way to make sure everyone's on the same page and can contribute their thoughts and ideas. Let's make it a team effort and create a winning property plan together! 🤝😃

When it comes to our plans, they're all about you and your unique goals and circumstances. We don't do cookie-cutter here! Each plan is tailor-made and individualized to ensure it perfectly fits your needs. So let's create a one-of-a-kind plan that sets you up for property success! 🏠🚀

Oli doesn't charge our clients a cent, and we're all about acting in the best interests of you, as per the Real Estate Act. When buying property, you don't expect to pay an agent, so we charge the vendor instead and make sure we've got your best interests covered!

Beginning your path to property investing is simple



In this consultation, we listen to your vision, hopes and dreams and outline the benefits of investing in property and a high level process of how Oli you can get there.

We will show you how to build a plan using property customised to your unique needs and lifestyle. We will also help you build a Team for Success to help you start your property investment journey.




Oli will do the hard work in researching and analysing the right markets and properties according to your strategy. Have confidence that the due diligence is being handled by an expert - but the selection is in your control.




Feel comfort in the knowledge that you're taking the steps that lead to a prosperous life and a comfortable future. We assist throughout every step of acquisition, including contract signing, building inspections, and property management - to completing your purchase and beyond. Oli has your back.

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