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Website Disclaimer

All information contained on this website or otherwise made available online or through other means by Oli (Oli Information) is provided in good faith and has been prepared with due care. All Oli Information is believed to be accurate at the time it is provided but the underlying facts, matters or circumstances may change at any time. Oli does not commit to providing notice or revised information where any Oli Information changes. Images provided are given as a visual aid and are indicative only.

The content of the Oli Information is for general information purposes only. The Oli Information does not take into account your individual needs or circumstances or any particular investment objectives. No part of any Oli Information constitutes any advice (financial or otherwise), recommendation or representation to you as to any decision which you should make. You should not use any part of any Oli Information to form the basis of any investment decision made by you. Before making any investment decision, you should undertake your own due diligence and take independent advice from a professional adviser which takes into account your individual needs and circumstances. All information, opinions and estimates included in the Oli Information are subject to change without notice.

Oli Property Pty Ltd, its related bodies corporate and associated entities, their directors and officers, employees and agents:

  • disclaim to the greatest extent possible all liability whatsoever for any loss howsoever arising directly or indirectly from any Oli Information; and

  • give no warranty that any Oli Information is, or will remain accurate, complete and current.

The Oli Information may contain links to other websites operated by third parties (Third Party Websites). Oli Property Pty Ltd does not endorse, or approve of the operators of Third-Party Websites, or the information, graphics and materials on those Third Party Websites.

Unless indicated otherwise, the contents of the Oli Information are protected by copyright and Oli Property Pty Ltd reserves all of its rights in that regard.


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