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The OLI Way

The OLI Way is a unique framework designed for investors just like you, looking to navigate the complexities of the property market with greater confidence.

Opportunities in property

Unlock the door to prime property investment opportunities. With Oli, you gain insight into the latest market trends and data-driven strategies to identify the most lucrative investments. Our expertise helps you pinpoint properties with the best growth potential.

Leveraging finance

Financial savvy meets insightful strategy in Oli's approach to financing your investment. We don't just find you a loan; we structure your finances to amplify your investment power. Our team works with you to create a financing plan designed to improve your returns, ensuring every dollar works harder for you.

Investment intelligence

Empower your investment decisions with Oli's wealth of knowledge and resources. Our comprehensive Property Investment Analysis (PIA) lays the groundwork for your success, complemented by ongoing education and mentorship. With Oli, you have a dedicated team to guide your investment journey and access to exclusive preferential pricing that enhances your portfolio's value.

Unlock a brighter financial future with the Oli Property Investing Blueprint

For a limited time, gain access to Oli's Property Investing Blueprint - a treasure trove of industry secrets and strategies, valued at $2,000, now available for FREE!

We’re giving you access to 70 years of property data and experience. People have used our blueprint to pay down their mortgage faster, reduce the amount of tax they pay and build a better life — because our mission is to help everyday Aussies like you secure a comfortable future by making property investing more accessible.

Here's everything you'll get...

Education and training

Oli’s resources teach you how to invest in property and common mistakes to look out for so you can invest with greater confidence.

$988 VALUE

Finance solutions

Our approved panel of mortgage brokers can recommended finance solutions to help build out your investment portfolio.

$960 VALUE

Research and data

Live data will be at your fingertips with access to Oli’s wealth of information and research updates.

$9,994 VALUE

Investment selection

Access to Oli’s long-term network and off-market opportunities.

$9,994 VALUE

Detailed Property Investment Analysis (PIA)

All investment opportunities are run through our Property Investment Analysis calculator to estimate how much an investment would cost to hold and its future potential.

$4,997 VALUE

Expert team and mentoring

Oli will be by your side, answering questions and guiding you through the acquisition, contract and settlement process.

$2,120 VALUE

Preferential pricing

Receive favourable rates on conveyancing, property management, tax depreciation reports and more!

$2,120 VALUE

Total value = $31,183

Normally = $2,000

Now = FREE!

For a limited time only

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